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LITERARY ESSAY: Students struggle with the literary essay, often because they don't look at it as a thinking process. The lessons in the package will slow them down and have them follow steps that will lead them to better written essays.

The first lesson is one you can use if you want students to choose their own topic. The lesson takes them through the thinking process they should follow to develop a strong argument about their text. A slideshow and graphic organizers are included.

The remaining lessons take students through the process of writing the essay. After a brief introduction to the purpose of a literary essay, students will work on developing a strong thesis, using exemplars to guide them. Next there are lessons and/or handouts on the following: the structure of the essay/paragraphs, writing an introduction, summary vs analysis, developing ideas, using quotations and transitions, and writing conclusions.

There are opportunities for students to do some revision during the lessons, as well as a revision checklist they can use themselves and/or with peers. Finally there is a rubric for you to use to assess the essays. Editable versions of the checklist and rubric are included.

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Pay Salaries for Teachers Should Be Increased Essay

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When choosing ones profession there are always two important questions to ask yourself. Is it what you love doing, and is the pay going to be enough to support you. For me the second question has never had much of an impact on my decision, along with most others who are educators or wish to become one. Teaching is not a job that one chooses to be rewarded by the pay. It is a job that is chosen for the rewarding feeling of knowing that it is the most effective, and most enjoyable way one can change the world; therefore, if teachers are noble enough to sacrifice such a huge aspect just to better our future generations, then don’t you think they should be paid what they deserve?
I believe educators are one of the most important careers out…show more content…

The answer is we wouldn’t have any chance of obtaining a degreed required profession without them.
Research salaries in Michigan shows that Michigan kindergarten teachers without special education earn a yearly average of $51,550. Michigan elementary school teachers without special education make an average yearly income of $57,410. Middle school teachers in Michigan except special education, career and technical education make an average of $56,230. Michigan secondary school teachers, except special, career and technical education make a yearly average of $57,150. provides that Michigan post secondary educators can make an average yearly income anywhere from $67,670 to $99,730.
The low pay for our educators is causing many negative effects. New York Times shows that the low income is causing sixty-two percent of teachers to have a second job outside of their teaching jobs. Just to have enough money to support their families and make ends meet. Most everyone decides to college to prevent having these struggles with money, and to avoid having to work multiple jobs, when they get older; however, not when it comes to living off of only a teacher’s income, the struggles to have enough money are interminable. This low pay is also causing most teachers to retire, and find new jobs. New York Times states, “every year 20 percent of teachers in urban districts quit. Nationwide, 46 percent of teachers quit before their fifth year. The turnover costs the

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