Constitution Gender Discrimination Essay

The Equal Rights Amendment Essay

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The Equal Rights Amendment Essay

What could be more important than the equality of rights for all American citizens? Women have tried without success for 80 years to be acknowledged as equals in our Constitution through an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Currently there is nothing in the United States Constitution that guarantees a woman the same rights as a man. The only equality women have with men is the right to vote. In order to protect women’s rights on the same level as men, I am in favor of an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution today.
There have been many determined women and organizations such as the NASWA and the NWP that have fought long and hard to gain the right to vote. Although it’s been a long battle to…show more content…

The Equal Rights Amendment was reintroduced in Congress in July of 1982 and has been before every session of Congress since then, and there still has not been a majority ratification to add this Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
After more than 200 years of living under the United States Constitution and despite all of the progress women have made, they still to this day continue to suffer discrimination in employment, insurance, health care, education, the criminal justice system, social security and pensions, and just about any other area you can name.
Current laws to prevent sex discrimination just aren’t enough. The federal laws and regulations contain many loopholes and they are inconsistently interpreted, or even ignored. Women who seek enforcement of these laws must not only convince the courts that discrimination has occurred, but that it even matters. An Equal Rights Amendment would not only guarantee equality, it would take the burden off women fighting discrimination and hold those who discriminate accountable.
Another area where the current laws are inadequate deals with employment and salaries for women. Women are underpaid and undervalued in the workforce. In 2008, women were paid a median weekly salary of $654, where men were earning $825 weekly for doing the same job. (1) Jobs traditionally held by women remain at the lower end of the pay scale, while traditional men's jobs, even those having similar

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