How Was Your Christmas Break Essays

                                                     Celebrating christmas by William

     my favorite holiday is christmas!  I celebrate christmas by going outside and playing with snow, decorating a christmas tree and getting presents from my mom, my dad and from santa.  I hope I get to do these things this year.

     I decorate a christmas tree with christmas light bulbs, nutcrackers, and the star for the top.

but sometimes i play the nutcrackers with my older brother.  I always want to put the star on the top of the christmas tree.  our christmas tree looks so nice.

     I really like going outside and playing with the snow because it’s really fun.  when you go outside and play with snow, you could play now-ball-fight with your friends.  you could also lay down and make and angel.  I hope we go to the mountains to play in the snow this christmas.                                                 

                                                     The best holiday ever! by brian

     My favorite holiday is christmas!  i celebrate christmas by spending time with by family, decorating the house, and going christmas caroling.  I hope i get to do these things this year.

     spending time with my family is my best part of starting the holiday.  i like to go to my grandma’s house on christmas and spend time with her.  my favorite thing to do on christmas is dancing.  i like to talk to my family too.

     i like when i decorate my house.  it is also fun to put colorful lights on my wooden house. it is also fun to put christmas cards around the house.  we put the star on the christmas tree.  the lights look pretty when the house is all decorated.

     Laaa!  i love to sing, especially on christmas.  it is fun to go christmas caroling.  i love to sing different christmas songs on christmas.  i get to see all of the decorated houses.  my voice is loud on christmas.

     i love to celebrate christmas day by spending time with my family, decorating the house, and going christmas caroling.  i am so excited that i get to do those things.  my favorite holiday is christmas.  i can’t wait until christmas, can you?

                                                     Celebrating the new year by christina

     I know everyone celebrates new years, but mine is a little different.  my family celebrates with korean things.  we celebrate by going to granma’s home, eating rice cake soup, and going to granpa’s cemetery.  i love to do these things on new years day.

     my busiest thing is going to grandma’s home.  we have to pack foods, clothes, and other things.  since we have 5 family members, o we have to reat a lot of times.  our family has a lot of members,  when we go to grandma’s my cousins, uncles, and other people are already there.  it’s a bother to have so many people, but i love to go.

    in korea on new year’s, every family eats rice cake soup.  that’s one of my favorite foods. we say if you eat rice cake soup on new years you turn older.  my sister always eats that a lot because she wants to turn older than me.  after we eat that we say “happy new years!”  to the adults, and they give children money.  uncles say “happy new years!” to grandma and grandma gives uncles the money.  that’s how we do it at new years!

     our big family always goes to my granpa’s cemetery.  it’s snowy so we have to be careful to drive.  sometimes we race to grandpa’s cemetery with cars with my cousins and uncles.  when we arrive there we have to find my granpa’s cemetery.  in korea, there is snow so we could see the wonderful scene.  my grandpa’s cemetery is in a very high place, so we can look down on a beautiful scene.  we say “happy new year grandpa.”  i feel dad sometimes.  i love to go to grandpa’s cemetery.

     i celebrate new years by going to grandma’s, eating rice cake soup, and going to grandpa’s cemetery.  i love to do these things on new years,  It’s how koreans celebrate their new years.  i hope you can have a great new year!  What’s your holiday?

                                                                  chanukah by izzy

     Eight days of chanukah, eight presents, eight candles, one menorah and one shama’sh (the candle that lights the others).  Tonight is the first night of chanukah. 

     Long ago the maccabees were at war with the greeks for three years.  one night the maccabees went to a temple.  they found a little bit of oil.  they thought it would only last one day, but it lasted for eight days instead.  That is why we have chanukah today.  it is not about the presents.  it is about the favor God granted the maccabees.  we celebrate by saying prayers opening presents and maybe even eating coins made of chocolate.

                                                    Celebrating christmas by will

     My favorite holiday is christmas because I get new things!  I celebrate christmas by giving presents, going to church and getting presents.  I hope I get to do these things this year.

     for christmas, i get my family presents.  this year i’m getting my brother a $50 best buy gift card.  I’m not sure what I’m getting my sister, but she likes passion fruit juice.  my brother and sister always fight over it.

     I go to church on christmas day or christmas eve.  there is singing and music.  i like going because I might see some friends.  I might learn a thing or two too.

                                                                      nowruz by amir

     My favorite holiday is nowruz.  I celebrate nowruz by buying fish, grow wheat and put spices our.  On nowruz we give each other money and have a good time.

     when i celebrate nowruz we decorate my house by buying healthy things like fish, wheat and spices.  the wheat has to start out from a seed and by the time it’s nowruz it has to be fully grown and healthy.  i like to bag stuff for nowruz with my family.

     On nowruz i enjoy giving money to people.  it is a tradition.  the money has to be new.  once someone gave me a hundred dollars.  i’m going to give my cousins that much to see other people happy.

     i love celebrating nowruz by decorating, buying things and having fun.  i am so excited that nowruz will come soon.  it is my favorite holiday.  What is yours?

                                                                 (to be continued.....)

Personal Narrative - Christmas Memory Essay

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I think Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because of the special atmosphere that you can feel everywhere, in shops, restaurants , pubs and even streets, where you can hear the magical carols, or maybe it's because of its religious background, but what I can tell you for sure is that I can't think of anything more exciting than the image of the entire family preparing the Christmas Tree or fixing the Christmas dishes. When I think of Christmas the first thing that pops into my mind is the delicious Chocolate Cake that only my grandma knows how to prepare. Perhaps this is the reason why, every year, my family and me try to spend our holiday at our grandma's place.
So, every year, we all step into the car and…show more content…

Finally, it is over .

We each take a huge breath as we step out into the crispy snow that snaps under our boots. I make my way to the front door, illuminated by the red, green, and blue Christmas lights. As I open the door and step into a house full of cheek pinches and hugs, an array of Christmas smells welcomes me and makes my mouth water. As my family and I are quickly made comfortable, I look around... All the house is full of Christmas decorations, and the carols are heard all over the house. My cousins are running, playing , and laughing.

I hear a voice saying: " Why don't you give me a hug?", I turn to my left and see my grandma standing there with a magical smile painted gracefully all over her face. I reach out and give her a hug. Then we both sit down and talk about the incredibly long journey to her house.

After a few minutes we are announced that the dinner is served. Everyone takes a seat at the large oak table, waiting anxious for the delicious dishes to be brought. But, what I think that everyone is really waiting for is the delightful desert. No one can picture the Christmas table without the delicious Christmas Chocolate Cake, which is brought by my grandma herself. Everything is so magical that you don't even dare to breathe.

After that , everyone comes into the living room and takes a seat on the sofa. I can't stop noticing all the excitement found on my cousins'

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