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...Grades in the realm of education are standardized measurements of varying levels of comprehension within a subject area. Grades can be assigned in letters (for example, A, B, C, D, or F), as a range (for example 4.0–1.0), as a number out of a possible total (for example out of 20 or 100), as descriptors (excellent, great, satisfactory, needs improvement), in percentages, or, as is common in some post-secondary institutions in some countries, as a Grade Point Average (GPA). GPA is calculated by taking the number of grade points a student earned in a given period of time divided by the total number of credits taken.[1] The GPA can be used by potential employers or further post-secondary institutions to assess and compare applicants. A Cumulative Grade Point Average is a calculation of the average of all of a student's grades for all semesters and courses completed up to a given academic term,[2][3][4] whereas the GPA may only refer to one term. Keith Hoskin argues that the concept of grading students' work quantitatively was developed by a tutor named William Farish and first implemented by the University of Cambridge in 1792.[5] Hoskin's assertion has been questioned by Christopher Stray, who finds the evidence for Farish as the inventor of the numerical mark to be unpersuasive.[6] Stray's article elucidates the complex relationship between the mode of examination (testing), in this case oral or written, and the varying philosophies of education these modes imply, both to......

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Education Failing

...Education Failing By May 7, 2013 Strayer University ECON 405 P Provide a brief overview / synopsis of the issue. The article suggest that the system is designed to fail from the start There are many factors that are failing our education system in America. The article explains some of the factors that are causing this problem. The main two topics that the article list as the problem are through the teachers union and the government. It also lays the blame for our education system failing on the students themselves for not taking a initiative, to the parents just passing the buck to the schools to educate their children and to the curriculum that is being taught. The government has the no child left behind act which to me seems that it just pushes a child through. It looks good in theory but it has not worked yet and it has been in effect for almost thirteen years now. The blame seems to be passed around like a hot potato, nobody wants to take the responsibility. They just want to blame each other for the mistakes. These are not even new problems that we are facing this problem has been going on for years and years. The statistics are there “the proficiency of math and reading among 8th graders” The math part broken down by a few states is Alabama 18%, Mississippi 14%, New Jersey 40%, Connecticut 35%, New York 30%, Arizona 26% and California 24% and for the reading side the states scored......

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Failing Exams

...Failing the exams Cause and Effect Essay We all experience heartaches. It can be about love, family, shattered dreams, or anything that brought you desolation and disappointment. But as students, one of the unhappiest moment in our lives that brings great heartache not only to ourselves but also to our parents would be receiving a failing mark or flunking the test. Failing in any aspects of life is inevitable because nobody is perfect. Failing in the exams is a different thing. It is avoidable. Students fail in the test because of some certain reasons. Some of the causes of failing an exam are lack of interest in the subject or topic, mental incapability, lack of focus due to stress and personal problems, confusing and difficult subject due to poor teaching techniques, and the top cause which is the most eminent reason, being lazy or procrastinating. Students usually fail the test because they did not study and prepare for it instead they prioritize other unnecessary things such as surfing the net, watching movies, hanging out with friends, or sometimes, they are too lazy to study because they are too confident that they will pass even if they do not study. As a good student, we should learn how to prioritize the things we have to do. Time management and being focus is the key. You should put your heart into it or else there are particular consequences and punishment parallel to all of your actions that will be given by your parents such as grounding you. Failing the......

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Failing Grades

...depends on how good he has done in his learning stages in school. Students should focus and study hard to get a deep understanding and a good grade in academic performances in order for him to achieve goals in his career path. The researchers of this study simply show the factors that may affect the performance of the students in academics. The researchers also gathered information to random eighty first year students from all programs in Global City Innovative College and have asked these students the reasons why some of the learning areas got so much difficulty. The factors that may affect the learning of the students may involve the whole institution and the kind of environment they are into. Some of these are stated in this research and explained that may benefitted by both student and teacher. Indeed, the research is focused on factors affecting students on getting poor academic performance which leads to failing of their grades. Data and Information are clearly showed to enumerate the said factors in this research. Significance of the study The results of this research study categorically benefited from many sectors of the educational institutions by providing information on the performance of the students in terms of failing in their academic areas. The research is contributed by the reasons affecting failing grades of First year random students in all programs at Global City Innovative College. This research will enable teachers to know the students’......

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Failing School System

...Failing School Systems: Are Students to Blame? The United States educational system is failing. This topic is in the news repeatedly. Failing schools are a problem that must be fixed. However, it cannot be fixed until we figure out its real cause. Many people put the blame on the government, school officials, and teachers. Critics such as Geoffrey Canada, the founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone, say that the problem lies within the public schools. He states, “Public schools are bad, privately managed charter schools are good” (Ravitch 1). This may be a true statement but there must also be an underlying cause for low school performance. Nobody ever thinks the students may have something to do with this problem. The students are the ones who are taking the tests, paying attention in class and completing the homework. Nevertheless, from another view it may not always be the child’s fault. Maybe other factors contribute to this. Some students want to succeed but they do not always have the necessary resources to do so. These reasons are student’s determination, financial limitations, family support, insufficient housing, and poor nutrition. Some students do want to succeed in life however successful needs to be defined in order to figure out criteria for success. According to Merriam-Webster, success is an “a degree of succeeding” and “a favorable or desired outcome”. In other words, success is having a series of goals set in order to achieve a bigger goal or accomplishment...

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Congress Failing America - Debate

...The U. S. Congress is failing the American people Politics have always been a topic of debate and expression of strong personal belief. To hear the discussions of relevance lately would to be of the budgets and how Congress is failing to make decision that the American public deems right and at least acceptable for even those who opposed the outcome for whatever reason they felt justified. To have a statement of Congress failing the American people brings to life the question that is the American people failing Congress and their constitutional rights? The published a reading with the heading "Congress is failing" with Major Garrett being quoted as saying "If Republicans and Democrats can't solve their latest stalemate, disaster victims will go without federal relief." The statement is referring to the Disaster Relief Fund that was projected to run out of money within a week of this article. Hurricane Irene left thousands in shambles and the victims were turning to the U.S. Government for help and more at the disaster relief fund the government controls and distributes. Mr. Garrett claims that "Everyone is to blame" in Congress and goes on to point out how each department plays upon another and without a cohesive group it is deemed to fail and very quickly. The personal opinion of Mr. Garrett is the debate is no longer about what is right for the fund but the parties involved solely. If Congress is failing then why do we have Congress? Some have...

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...Demand for more credits, community service, and better grades runs many high schoolers ragged. For many anything but the best is simply unexceptable. In a society that constantly tells it's youth they must have the highest pay check and newest car to be happy, why wouldn't this be the case? A fifth year of high school would give students more oppurtunity to take classes they would enjoy, take stress off of teenagers, and give the youth of our nation a chance to develop good priorities. Schools are always adding new and interesting courses, but for many, like the college bound student, there just isn't the time. Though an arts and crafts class might sound like fun, something like AP Music Theory would probably look better on a transcript. Since there is no time to take both the student will probably take the harder class even if it is just to keep up appearances. Fifteen years old seems to early to start making "career" choices over things that wold be fun. But it happens and it causes stress. Teenagers in the country have an ever growing load of stress being placed upon them. Starting before high school teens are faced with the questions: Where are you going to college? How are you going to get there? What are you going to be? All these questions are extremely daunting and often stress students out. Also, with the price of college so high many students take on a job during high school which only adds to the stress. With an extra year of high school not only would......

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Failings in Terms of Following Regulations

...ventilation system and because there was no alarm or device to warn that the vessel is overfilling and without respiratory apparatus they were fully exposed. They all were admitted to hospital. Archimica Ltd was fined £80,000 and Euticals Ltd was fined £20,000 for health and safety breaches and an extra £20,000 in environmental charges. (HSE, 2013) HSE inspector Mark Burton said “The multiple failings arising from this prosecution are extremely serious and could have had even more devastating consequences.” “Two of those exposed to methyl iodide have been left with permanent, life-changing after effects. The lack of competent management, control and understanding of the site’s major hazard and chemical processes could have led to these being fatal investigations, as could the incident to the workers who were exposed to methylene chloride. “Euticals Limited and Archimica Chemicals Ltd were fully aware of the standards required to protect workers and ensure that equipment, systems and processes were fit for purpose, yet there is clear evidence of systematic health and safety failings over a prolonged period despite continue advice and support from the regulator to gain compliance. “Health and safety should not be neglected, overlooked or compromised, especially in a high risk environment where there are hazardous and dangerous substances.” The Legislation broken included: 1. ‘Section 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 states: “It shall be the duty of......

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Factors Affecting Failing Grades

...Their performance and grade also have a huge impact on this result. For a long time, this has been the image of Pangasinan State University Sta. Maria. However, for the past few years, slashing, and transferring to other schools became major problems of students because of their failing grades are increasing in number. A failing grade is defined as a grade lower than the passing grade of mark in an examination, class, or course of study. It is the rate of students' weakness apart from a passing grade is proof of how low an IQ level of a student is. When they hear the term failing grade, oftentimes, they would think that it is because a student is not studying well, or is not that good academically. With this circumstance comes slashing or being removed from the course a student is taking. In other cases, failing grades of students may also give negative image on the university or school itself. Based on the other researchers, there are two kinds of impact of having failing grade. The first one is the negative action which can lead to negative result. This could result in the student's frustration in his or her life. The student may be discouraged because of this. The positive outcome could mark the student to grow more, to study harder and to become a better student. The student may be inspired with this outcome. According to the PSU School manual, the grades 1.00 to 3.00 are passing, the grade of 4.00 is conditional, while 5.00 is considered as a failing grade. The......

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Marijuana in the U.S.: a Failing Prohibition

...Marijuana in the U.S.: A Failing Prohibition Recently two of the fifty states passed state laws allowing the recreational use of marijuana. Not only do the new marijuana laws conflict with the national law that marijuana is illegal but the new laws have put in question how states are able to pass laws that directly conflict with national laws. Although each state has the right to govern and create laws never before have any states directly disobeyed national law with the passing of state legislation. Prior to the new laws passed by Colorado and Washington 18 states and the District of Colombia had already passed laws allowing the use of medicinal marijuana. The District of Colombia and the other 18 states have acquired incredible amounts of tax dollars due to the medicinal marijuana causing many people to question whether the national government should continue with the prohibition over marijuana. Not only will the national government receive tremendous amounts of tax dollars, the government spends too much money fighting marijuana use and marijuana is also safer than other legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs. Therefore marijuana should not be illegal in the United States. Although government expenses are high, and the predicted tax benefits are tremendous many people are still very strong supporters of the prohibition of marijuana. Even with government regulated substances such as tobacco and alcohol killing large amounts of people each year......

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Grade Improvement

...How to improve my grades I can improve my grades by studying longer and trying harder. To improve my grades I can try harder and make sure I do all my homework and have all my work turned in. If I study there is better chance of me passing my classes and me making good grades. When I find out I have a quiz or test I will start studying the day of instead of just making flash cards or waiting till the last day to study. From now on I will study 45 minutes a day or longer also when I have a test or quiz i will bring the book home twice a week and read from the section twice a week. Studying is important in life and from now I will try my absolute hardest on everything I do. To improve my grades I will do whatever I can to get my grades up. I will get any work that I am missing I will go to tutoring in the morning if needed and I will ask additional questions if needed. If I any failing grades I will ask my teachers for make up work to take a late grade. I will make sure there is no more late grades unless I was absent or unable to get the work. If I do not get my grades up I will face the consequences as in punishment until I get the grades up until you tell me otherwise. I will try to keep them up so that I don’t get limited my choices. If I do not improve my grade by Christmas then I am only allegeable to get the following panties, bra, socks, and hair accessories. I honestly think I will have my grades up by then but if I don’t that is my limited choice on presents...

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...STI COLLEGE GLOBAL CITY Grade Viewer Application in Android for Sto. Niño Catholic School A Project Presented to The Faculty of STI College Global City In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology By: Bonifacio, John Francis J. – A705 Cabalza, Dominador III M. – A705 Mante, Sherwin T. – A705 Pasamonte, Kim D. – A705 July 3, 2016 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Today, android smartphone users mostly can access the internet, can easily look for information on the web and can install hundred and thousands of apps available in play store. Internet is connecting people everywhere. Accessing the internet using android smartphone became particularly common and the internet became part of our daily lives.  Android smartphone users became the primary consumer of everything that is shared online. With the help of the database, android smartphone and internet users can actually help you visualize the actual grade for an instant and fast monitoring advancement, benefiting the teachers, students, and parents particularly overseas guardians. Grade Viewer Application in Android can be considered as a way of better for viewing of grades. This system store data online and display the data thru android application. COMPANY PROFILES Sto. Niño Catholic School (SNCS) is a catholic private school in Sampaloc St., Zone 1, Signal Village, Taguig City. It was started in 1988 as preparatory school with only 28......

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4th Grade

...Recess is very important to kids in fourth grade. Well at least to me it was, so important I risked getting in trouble for it one day. I got a bad grade on one of my math tests. When we got a bad grade on a test in that class we were always supposed to get it signed by our parents, or we would have to lose our recess. Losing my recess was a horrible thing to me, no four square or jump rope? I could not have that. In the fourth grade I decided that instead of going outside and playing four square, jump rope or hop scotch, I was going to get a call home and a spanking from my parents when I got there. Yea, you could say I chose the wrong choice. Not intentionally of course. Right before recess my fourth grade teacher at commodore, Mrs. Carey asked for all the signed tests. I forgot to have my mom sign my test so I forged her signature thinking I was going to get away with it, I was so wrong. Not only did it look bad but I also only wrote her first name. My teacher noticed it right away. I did not go to recess at all, she kept me in class. Mrs. Carey took me to the front office to call home but not before lecturing me about how forging a signature can put me in jail. I cried so much to the teacher but it didn’t help anything. Once I got home I had to go straight to my room. My dad came in a little later, he sure did spank me. No matter how much he didn’t want to. I didn’t think my dad would ever spank me but I guess I did something very bad. He even apologized that he had to......

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A Study on the Factors Affecting the Failing Grades of 2nd Year and 3rd Year Tourism Students in the University of the East-Manila for S.Y 2011-2012

...University of the East, Manila College of arts and sciences A Study on the Factors Affecting the Failing Grades of 2nd year and 3rd year Tourism Students in the University of the East-Manila For S.Y 2011-2012 In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Tourism Research Method Tour 112 By: Honey Grace R. Gatasi July 2012 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Being in school is one of the best opportunity that everyone could ever have, Studying in school serve as our training ground that develop and would mold students to become the person that students need to be but, the question is, How does the students today differs from the students of prior generations? Through the evolution of the technologies today, the students also evolve. And students are very lucky to have the technologies, at the age of information today there’s a lot of sources to use when there is homework and projects. And the technologies before is not yet empowered the students are really focus on the study. The students always spent time in studying. But today, because everything is in the power of students finger tips, The students can do everything in just one click, students can search everything in just one click and of course students can share everything in just one click. That’s why the students are very lucky because everything is just there, The students don’t need to go through in some difficulties to do school works, but the problem in...

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Factors Affecting Failing Grades

...What are factors affecting academic performance? Answer: Many, many factors can affect academic performance, which means how a person does on schoolwork. The physical condition of the student has a great deal to do with that person's ability to do a good a good job on anything and to understand anything. For example, if the student has poor eyesight, he or she might not be able to read well. If the student has a hearing impairment, he or she might not be able to listen to and understand instructions. If the student has a disease, it might impair his or her ability to do the required work. A student's socio-economic status (SES) can affect his or her ability to perform well academically. Students with less money might not be able to purchase school supplies that could help them with their work -- rulers, paper, pens, computers, books, etc. Students with less money might not visit their doctors and dentists very often and might suffer from undiagnosed illnesses or dental problems that cause pain or otherwise impair the student's ability to perform well. Students with less money might have household responsibilities that wealthier students do not have -- babysitting for younger kids while the parents work second and third jobs, working for money outside of school, or spending homework time waiting in line for food at a food shelter. Low SES students might live in difficult conditions without electricity or water, and might have to go away from home to take a shower, brush......

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Before I wrote this article, I looked around and asked people how many of them had failed their grades before in their lives, and what were the reasons that lead them to failure.

There are quite a few elements that can contribute to failure. According to research studies, there is no single explanation for failure, but they found seven reasons why students fail their grades: lack of personal direction, pressure from parents or peers, laziness, lack of confidence, family or relationship problems, drug problems, and involvement in social and athletic activities. Each of these explanations don’t exclusively affect their failure, but most students mention two or more of these reasons in their explanations.

The most common reason why they fail is lack of direction. They just focus on raising their grades, but they don’t even know what they want to be or what their goal in their life is; therefore, they lose interest by losing direction. Moreover, this explanation also leads to laziness in their studying.

The second reason that brings about failure is pressure. Pressure can be from either their parents or peers. Parents compel students to reach a high level of excellence, and they also have high expectations; therefore students are busy meeting their parents’ expectations, and in the end they lose their pace.

To prevent failures, students need to be identified by their abilities in order to pursue a certain career. This will make them realize their potentials and set a goal in their lives, which will encourage them to study. Having no goal or direction in life is like walking without a destination. If you don’t have a goal or purpose in your studies, you could lose your interest and pace in studying. However, having goals that are too big can make you frustrated and disappointed, so it’s best to set an appropriate goal that is within your abilities. One day, you will succeed in what you want to achieve.

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Compel: (verb) To force, oblige, or use pressure on someone to do something.

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