Facility Management Dissertation

Muhey, Saad, Sadiq (2012) Facility Management Model for Maintenance and Repair for Office Buildings. PhD thesis, Concordia University.


For any building, deterioration depends on adequate design, qualified contractors, quality of materials, its operation and maintenance program, and environmental conditions. Any gap in these factors or uncorrected utilization will have an immediate effect on the degree and speed of building deterioration.
The process of deterioration in both the physical and functional condition of a facility is complex, and is indicated by wear and aging due to usage, degradation of equipment and construction material due to the environment, and the interaction of these mechanisms
The building Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase is usually the longest and most costly phase of building’s lifecycle, mostly its costs exceeding the total initial cost. Studying the costs of operation and maintenance and repair can have a significant effect on reducing total cost of ownership. One of the most important facility management functions is operation and maintenance. The O&M function has Maintenance and Repair (M&R) as the most important sub-function.
Facility Management (FM) is pertained with integrated information handling devoting business development to buildings, spaces, their associated environments and business functions. Both new and existing office buildings should confirm to specific requirements. Facilities management mandates the requirements for activities and their management within the facilities. It should therefore view facilities and their use throughout whole life cycles. As the coordination between users and management has become closer, the economical advantage to the organization using a facility has improved. Better coordination between design, construction, and usage of facilities should improve the Life-Cycle Cost (LCC). By the same vein, enormous of the information increases throughout the life cycle of the facilities, the assorting, dropping, transferring, and retrieving data and information becomes more difficult. The Information Technology (IT) software and tools facilitate these difficulties.
The purpose of this study is to develop a facility management model for maintenance and repair for office buildings. This Model is a flexible and allows building owners and managers to practice their experience and knowledge.
The proposed information model depends on the Object-Oriented Model Language, which integrates product and process information to describe the annual maintenance and repair expenses. The Model components consisting four modules: 1) Facility Management Framework; 2) Maintenance and Repair components; 3) Property Condition Assessment PCA; 4) Priority Rule; and Ten-Year AM&R strategic Plan as the outcome of this model. The four modules integrated together with a database which consisting the M&R components. To support and validate the proposed information model, a prototype model developed to implement a real case study. This prototype model will demonstrate the information model functions and applications.

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