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Phillips 3essay. Students decide what is best by considering what the teacher is looking for, past books and

articles they’ve read and by their own knowledge of how proper literature is written

. Whilework-shopping, students collaborate and share all their smart ideas and advice and inevitably

shape each other’s writing.

The English teacher also shapes the essay by grading second draftsand providing comments stating what the paper is lacking. Plagiarism is not tolerated and theteacher is the only one who can decide what the essay is generally about. A student must work  past these and other constraints in order to achieve his or her goal and pass the class.The Communications class uses blackboard to see the syllabus and to check for updated posts or messages from the teacher. Unlike the English class, the Communications teacher doesnot post any grades onto blackboard. Graded work and tests are given back to the students withthe numerical grade at the top written in red ink. The C

ommunications teacher’s name is Tara.

Tara was absent the first day of class and had another faculty member instruct the class. On thesecond day of class Tara was over an hour late. Unlike the English class, the Communicationsclass only meets two days a week. The teacher will sometimes ask the class questions regardingdifferent topics such as colloquialisms, types of slang, or connotative meanings of words. Whenthis happens one student typically tells a story of their past experiences after which another student might make a comment, leading to a group discussion. Tara often listens intently whilethe class converses. She has said she likes to remember different things the class talks about soshe may bring them up in future classes. Discussions range from talking about racial slurs to cell phone texting. The syllabus used in Communications class simply states what chapters to readeach week and when assignments are due. Once she neglected to bring a test to class the day the

class was meant to take it, she said she left the test in her other car. The syllabus wasn’t adjusted

until the next week. In preparation to a test, Tara will go over some vocabulary words in one or 

Summary John Swales discusses discourse communities in "The Concept of Discourse Community". He describes what is essential to every discourse community by listing six characteristics. He goes into depth in each of these characteristics. He also compares to these communities to speech community. He talks about how important genre and lexis are to each community, and how these help define these communities' conventions or goals. He emphasizes the importance of these communities by giving examples, and by the simple fact that scholars are discussing them. Synthesis Seth Kahn's "Putting Ethnographic Writing in Context" can be compared to Swale's article. They both discuss that individual groups have their own unique way of communicating, and that the way this group interacts can be greatly effected by the means of communication they use. Kahn discusses the visual side of this argument, while Swales speak in a more literary sense. QD

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